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Translator's note:

The Russian version of this strip won’t be equally amusing, because the Russian language has one word for both [“written”] translators and interpreters (lit. “oral translators”). Dream interpreting and speech interpreting do not sound similar in Russian, so a foreign speaker  might instead confuse “translation” (перевод, pronounced pee-ree-VOT) with money “transfer”, or [unit or currency] “conversion”, or even “adjusting” the clock for daylight saving, but a confusion of this kind would seem implausible (unless Mox speaks with some foreigners that don’t know the language very well).

My variant of this strip mentions money “transfer” vs. “translation”. Also, I’ve decided to use Western Union (UN = boots/interpreters, WU = money transfer), but replaced it with Western Onion (inspired by Trados vs. Crados).

Translated by Natalia Mackevics, an English<>Russian and Romanian translator based on London.